Rules: 3v3 med only

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Rules: 3v3 med only

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 08, 2017 12:57 am

Rules of the tournament are...

- No cheating
- All matches EvoSoft Only
- Can only play for ONE team
- Matches are best of 5, each team chooses a map each (played A&B). In the case of 2-2, you decide on one decider map to play between you both.
- Only players registered with your team can play in the match. This will be checked through EvoSoft.
- Once the brackets are drawn, you have one week to arrange and play your match. If this is not possible, contact the admin.
- The winners of the match, has to post the results in the results topic, with screenshots for the match to be valid. Other team then have to confirm the result.
- Decide on a server between you, if you can't - then contact an admin and they will provide one.

Weapon class: Medic Only
Weapons allowed: Car15, M16, G36, Grenades, Colt & Baretta. Nothing else.


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